A unique smartphone app

GenieCanHelp is a free and non-profitable app designed to support and empower patients along their cancer journey. GenieCanHelp is a refreshing change from apps that offer clinical resources and medical information. GenieCanHelp is created as a useful app to support your wellbeing and help you manage your routine. An easy-to-use app that will reduce unnecessary stress during stressful times.
  • Set notifications for appointments a day before they happen

    With the GenieCanHelp app, you can set notifications for any appointments you have the following day. You can set where, when and with who you have the appointment with.

  • Keep details of your medications

    You can store your medication details easily and put reminders, so you don't forget to take them.

  • Keep all important contacts at your fingertips

    You can store up-to-date contact information for every person involved in your patient's care and treatment, making it easy to get in touch with them when you need to.

  • Keep track of your mood

    You can store your daily mood to keep track of your mental health.

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Making life easier for cancer patients and caregivers was our goal. Feedback from a preliminary survey, and our own experiences indicated that an app with a positive focus on healing, during what can be a very tough time for cancer patients, was needed

- Sadaf Khurram, Founder & Developer; CyberGenie Solutions

Our Team

Sadaf KhurramFounder | Developer

Sadaf Khurram

Founder | Developer

Sadaf has a Bachelor in Computer Sciences. She is currently studying a bachelor in Applied Management at Federation University. Before having her two children, Sadaf worked as a Software Engineer. She started CyberGenie Solutions as a way to channel her passions for technology and helping people.

Shahan Campbell


Shahan Campbell PhD is a professional business copywriter. Her agency, The Science of Copy, specialises in clear sense writing for innovation, science, technology and health. Plus, Shahan is passionate about health communications and education programs that support preventative health initiatives. For more information about Shahan’s copywriting, marketing and website services, visit www.scienceofcopy.com.au .

Shahan CampbellCopywriter
Ayesha NadeemBusiness Analyst / Marketing Assistant

Ayesha Nadeem

Business Analyst / Marketing Assistant

Ayesha Nadeem is Masters in Computer Sciences. Busy mum of three is excited and enthusiastic to start work after a long break. She is working on this project as a Business Analyst. She is also taking care of social media marketing.

Iyad Khurram

Website Developer

Iyad Khurram is 16 years old. He is currently in year 11 and loves science and mathematics. He is also a black belt in Taekwondo and loves playing video games and the guitar. He develops  WordPress websites for CyberGenie Solutions.

Iyad KhurramWebsite Developer

Rida Khurram

Icon Designer

Rida is 14 years old. She is in grade 9 and loves art, and wants to be an interior designer when she grows up. She loves to cook and bake and runs a recipe blog with her mum. She designs icons for CyberGenie Solutions.

Calling All Citizen Developers!

Calling all citizen developers to contribute voluntarily in this not for profit app. This is a good opportunity to show your app development skills and make a difference in life of people who are dealing with cancer! We have already spent more than 200 hours to develop basic functionality and we are constantly being requested by users to add more valuable features. Users will appreciate your help and contribution in this project. iOS and Android code is available on GitHub.

Company Behind GenieCanHelp

This free and non-profitable app is developed by CyberGenie Solutions. CyberGenie Solutions specialise in the development of medical, health and well-being apps. We build helpful apps that support disease management. Our apps make life easier for patients and caregivers.

Contact Us

Do you have an app idea that you want to develop but don't know where to start? We're here to help. Your feedback is important to us. Any suggestions or ideas to improve this free app - and make it better for Cancer patients and their carers - is most welcome! Contact us today.